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Public Sites

NukeWatch NukeWatch.org An expert public interest watchdog of nuclear weapons industry facilities; promoting arsenal reduction and movement toward a nuclear weapons-free world. (Current)
Herbipolis Herbipolis.com Recently directed and co-produced the animated fable "Perfect", screened at the Havana Film Festival in Dec 2002. (Current)
TextileArts TextileArts.com is a leading expert in the fields of ethnographic cloth and the textile arts. (1998-present)
Cal Peacock CalPeacock.net A New Mexico painter and artist creating wonderful visions in a psychedlic-outsider genre. (Current)
Cobalt Sun The amazing light art of Lynn Augstein. A theatre of moving light and color; stills and clips from her DVD Borealis are shown on the site. (Current) Cobalt Sun
FaustStudio.com The strange and beautiful art of V. Faust, lucid dreams in parallel worlds... (Current) Faust
FlashbackBooks.com A vast archive of literature and documentia on the human experience with psychedelics in the last century, and particularly during the heyday of psychedelic culture in the sixties. (1999-2011, archived) FlashbackBooks
Mkzdk.org The primordial website of the imagination. (1994-2000- now retired). Mkzdk